Krystal Vaudry

Photographe, Vidéaste

[ Two versions ; 29 juillet 2021 ]


[ Walls wear struggles ; July 23, 2021 ]

In a time of disturbed silences and last observations. In a glorious town, walls wear struggles.
My eyes, my stomach, my feet are heavy.
My back is rolling around the reading table and coffee invades my sweater. It’s ten am and i don’t know how to talk. How to smile. How to keep personnal news, that used to be late by time and sadness. I don’t know how to say « I don’t belong here anymore ».
Staring at the angles of a square or the facades of bars, the walls are smelling my new perfume like dogs.
The streets become again what a map used to look like through uncustomed eyes. I don’t walk through the look of desire, wearing proudly the feeling to belong to a place, to someone. Nothing is exceeding, nothing brings what used to feel « it’s my town ».
I don’t belong here anymore. As a lost dog out of nowhere.